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Kenneth Luster, Sr.

Kenneth Luster, Sr. brings 35 years of consumer finance expertise to Academy of Credit Restoration. ​He is a retired Senior Vice President and spent the last few years of his career working at one of the largest sub-prime auto finance companies in the country. Prior to his role as a Senior Vice President, Mr. Luster, served as Chief Compliance Officer for a large debt buyer and collection agency. He holds a Master’s degree in Management and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Kenneth Luster, Sr. and team will work diligently to see that inaccuracies on each of our client’s credit reports are corrected or removed. The team will NOT send mass blind dispute letters, if you owe the debt we will help you negotiate payment arrangements or a settlement. Our team will focus on legitimate errors to see they are addressed. Mr. Luster’s years of experience and insider knowledge make the Academy of Credit Restoration the clear choice to restore your credit.

Our company focuses on educating our customers. Our valued clients learn how to:

  • Create and maintain a budget.
  • Prepare for the purchase of their first home.
  • Fully understanding the value of credit.
  • Understand the 5 components that make up your credit report.
  • How to influence each of those components to improve your score.
  • How to deal with collection agencies the correct way.

Credit Scores & Home Loans