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I was paying a high interest on a 5 year car note. After 6 months with the team at Academy of Credit Restoration I was able to re-finance and received a much lower interest rate. They also helped me get my score high enough to qualify for a home loan. Mr. Luster and team focused on the items that were incorrect and got them removed or updated. They also helped me negotiate settlements on some older bills I wanted to pay. If you are tired of giving your hard earned money away to large financial institutions please contact the team at Academy of Credit Restoration.
They raised my scores an average of 70 points on all three credit bureaus. I was shocked by how quickly I saw the increase in scores. I have recommended their services to everyone I know. They are honest and knowledgeable. They even called me to tell me they would not be debiting my account anymore because I had met the goals we established. I was literally giving away my hard earned cash to billion dollar banks with poor credit and high interest rates. Now I qualify for low interest rates for credit card and auto loans.